Monday, April 1, 2013


There is a green hill far away
Without a city wall
Where the dear lord was crucified.

He died to save us all.

I wonder what I would have done,
If I had been there that day,
My Lord, my Savior, the Son...
Would I even be able to find words to say?
As he carried the cross that day.

I wonder what I would have said,
As the crowd would scream and mock
"Crucify the jew, the scum of the earth, dead!"
Would I be strong enough to not flock?
Even if I knew it was key for the Atonement to be unlocked?

I wonder what I would have thought
When they whipped the Savior of the world
Endless stripes that my redeemer wrought
Yet, all his love unfurled...

I wonder what I would have felt,
If I had been there under the cross
Pain, sadness, and gratitude as I knelt,
The world suffering its greatest loss...

I wonder what I would have cried
When they drove the nail through his hand
And rose my redeemer high above me as he died.
Would I have know this was planned?
Would I understand?

Do I yet understand?

I may not know everything about this scene, Nor do I know of the pains that the savior suffered. I can only imagine that they were excruciating. I am reverenced by the awe inspiring concept that this day brings. The gift that was given to every. single. one. of us. So we could return to our creator. The one being that knows you more than  you know yourself. The one being whose love for you is unconditional. Shivers dance down my spine as I am reminded that Christ has felt EVERYTHING I have felt.That he is completely aware of everything that hurts, and everything that is unjust. He is my best friend and best companion. I love the lord, and his sacrifice for the world.

Christ Died for ME on the cross that day. And I continue to wonder what I would have done, if i had witnessed it in person, Such a cruel and such a terrible event, yet it broke the bonds of sin, it allows me to be like him and live with him again some day. What a miraculous gift... And therefore, in its sadness I find the sweetest peace i have ever tasted... it makes me so overjoyed I can no longer express my words. I am so overcome with the peace and love it blesses my life with every day. I love the lord and his sacrifice for me. for you. for everyone. I am still continuously trying to find a deeper understanding of such a vast blessing, because i know i still do not fully understand.

The lord gave his life for me, and now I must return the favor.
I would be willing to die for him, but until I am faced with that decision, I will live for him- through him.

The lord gave me his life, and now I give him mine.

Lord I would follow thee.
and will serve the all the days of my life.

Happy Easter Daddy.