Sunday, October 23, 2011


Thumps echoed through the empty house as she ran down the stairs.

Her patience was done.

In her room she saw her bags in the corner and threw them on her bed.

She ripped open the zipper to her traveling bags and shoved it all inside.

Piece after piece after piece after piece after piece after piece.

She had to go as fast as she could.

Anger, pain, betrayal, loss, sadness, hurt, jealousy, confusion, holding on, fear, heartbreak, memories, pictures, sayings... everything.

It didnt matter if it was too big or not she jammed it all inside her little bags.

She couldnt afford them out anymore.

So she zipped them all into her bags.

She threw the bags over her shoulders and huffed up the stairs.

It was time. It was her day. She was in charge.

She threw her bag in the car and sped down the road.

Her train was calling.

With the one way ticket in hand she parked at the station and gathered her baggage.

And then she saw it. Her freedom; her beautiful train.

The train was long and shone in the sun.

It was full of excitment, and people, and wonder, set to go far away.

Perfection on a track.

She pulled the bags on the train and loaded them above an empty seat.

As she walked down the isle back to the door she entered from, a smile shone on her face.

She watched the beautiful train pull out from the station carrying her heavy baggage.

She smiled bigger than before.

The baggage she had carried around for far too long wasnt coming back.

It couldnt. Cause she wasnt with it any more.

She watched the beautiful train pull out of the staion and smiled,

Knowing that she was finally free from all her baggage that used to be.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Simply Favorite

Welcome Fall. I love you, and so do my boots, hats, scarfs, and sweaters. We are all just so tickled you're finally here :)

Sunday, October 9, 2011


Once upon a time there was a boy who was loved by a little girl.

She loved his positive additude and the smile he smiled her way with his eyes.
She loved his respect for women and for his preisthood.
She loved his funny little moods he would get in.
She loved how he cared for her and listened to what she had to say.
She loved how he had standards and followed them. no matter what.
She loved that he had never kissed a girl so he could get a gold CTR ring on his 16th birthday.
She loved that he wore his armor of god on a dog tag around his neck every day.
She loved that he had qutoes on his bedroom walls to uplift him and guide.
She loved that he had a testimony.
She loved how much he wanted to serve a mission and how focused he was on that.
She loved his family and how loving they were.
She loved how humble he was.
She loved his clean language.
She loved his clean thoughts.
She loved that he could always make her smile.
She loved that he was honest and helpful.
She loved that he would compliment her every day.
She loved that he openly loved his mommy and would talk about her like she was an angel..
She loved that he had so many stories to share with her.
She loved how thoughtful his gifts were.
She loved how you could ALWAYS see that glow in his eyes..
She loved him because he was good... good for her... good for him... good for god...
He was good people and had his life figured out.

but it is a sad day when you realize that your "once upon a time"- "knight in shining armour" has taken down his gaurd alittle and slowly let things in to change him...
Where did that boy go?
The one that i once respected so much?
The boy who had it all figured out..
That one...
Where did he go?
Why did he let down his gaurd...
He was on the right track....
He led me to the light...
I want that righteous fellow back...
The one i used to be amazed by his strength and determination...
I miss that continuious light that shone in his eyes like it once did..
Where is that boy that made a hard decision just to focus?
Where is the drive he had just four months ago to make himself his best self?
Where did that hidden treasure go?....
why did he have to change.. ever so slowly...

come back...
Not even for me...
It just breaks my heart when i know what you could be.
You were on the right track with your scriptures and your case.
And that ever glowing smile, that sat across your face.
PLEASE come back...
I know it cant be for me...
But it just breaks my heart when i know what your supposed to be
Think of all the people that will be affected by what you are doing today
They listen to you and wait to hear every word that you say.
please come back...
you were everything a little girl had ever wanted
but now that this person is missing... her memory is haunted
with memories of someone who used to be...
Please i beg for you to open your eyes..
for my words they do not dispise.

But please listen...
Cause im one of your biggest fans...
Rooting for you...
Waiting to smile at your life's success, in whatever it may end up being...
I know your potential and i want you to not settle for less...
I said i would care for you always, and those words will be true...
Cause i will always love the good that you do...
I saw that bright light in you, and the good choices that you made.
That knight in shiny armour and how you were brave..

I listened to what you wanted yourself to be someday...
So remember... someday is the future, and your futures today.

I believe in you.