Thursday, June 9, 2011

Art. Art is what its called.

Strokes of paint brush across the crisp white canvas. The deep blues go for a swim to make it lighter and the reds too turn light pink as they dive into the water. The brushes sweep and leap and dance too and fro from colors to water to paper. The colors love eachother and wish to blend as you want. Art. art is what it is called, watercolor to be exact. This is now what i do in the early hours of the morning to calm my healing soul. There is something in creating something beautiful from globs of paint and water... its relaxing and wonderful. This is my night now. Tubes of paint and water, just painting out my feelings, my worries, my fears, my saddness, but mostly my thoughts. Its incredible that when i pick up the brush i just forget what has happened in my day and life recently, it is just me the paper and the brush. working together to create good working together until i can fall asleep with out thought. Maybe its slightly wrong, not facing any of my thoughts but, it is therapeutic and its what i need.

Art. Art is what it is called, but to me its called healing.

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