Sunday, October 23, 2011


Thumps echoed through the empty house as she ran down the stairs.

Her patience was done.

In her room she saw her bags in the corner and threw them on her bed.

She ripped open the zipper to her traveling bags and shoved it all inside.

Piece after piece after piece after piece after piece after piece.

She had to go as fast as she could.

Anger, pain, betrayal, loss, sadness, hurt, jealousy, confusion, holding on, fear, heartbreak, memories, pictures, sayings... everything.

It didnt matter if it was too big or not she jammed it all inside her little bags.

She couldnt afford them out anymore.

So she zipped them all into her bags.

She threw the bags over her shoulders and huffed up the stairs.

It was time. It was her day. She was in charge.

She threw her bag in the car and sped down the road.

Her train was calling.

With the one way ticket in hand she parked at the station and gathered her baggage.

And then she saw it. Her freedom; her beautiful train.

The train was long and shone in the sun.

It was full of excitment, and people, and wonder, set to go far away.

Perfection on a track.

She pulled the bags on the train and loaded them above an empty seat.

As she walked down the isle back to the door she entered from, a smile shone on her face.

She watched the beautiful train pull out from the station carrying her heavy baggage.

She smiled bigger than before.

The baggage she had carried around for far too long wasnt coming back.

It couldnt. Cause she wasnt with it any more.

She watched the beautiful train pull out of the staion and smiled,

Knowing that she was finally free from all her baggage that used to be.

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