Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Walk with me on the soft shores,
A place that we met.
Take me back to that moment in time,
Where you smiled at me with your whole soul.
One little dimple, on the right side of your cheek shown. 

Weave your fingers into mine,
Like we've done before.
Take my waist like you are not afraid,
Pull me close to you and never loosen your grip.

Tell me one of your silly stories,
One that makes me laugh.
Entrance me with those facial expressions of yours.
Smile at me with those big brown eyes until they wrinkle at the corners. 

Sing all the songs under your breath,
when looking at the stars.
Feel the sand on your back and me to your right,
Ill be there, next to you every day singing the words too.

Not everything is meant to last for forever,
It is just for the now, 
And sometimes,
That is all you really need.
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