Tuesday, October 5, 2010

My pleaded prayers

Down on my knees at night i pray and plead.
Make it stop, make it stop, someone make it stop.
As the tears litter my floor and the passion increases,
I pray hard, for this to cease, as i sit in my puddle.
A puddle that i cant gather back up,
The tears i cannot collect again,
Emotion leaks out of my eyes, never to be gathered again.

Words have been expressed and feelings felt.
I pray that this can be fixed.
Hoping that my prayers find the man up above so he can help.
Cause i sit and listen as i hear my worst fear,
And the fimilar sinking feeling enters my head when i realize its out of my control.
I close my eyes as they spit out the sounds, the dreaded words,
Wishing it to go away.
Hoping that if i just close my eyes hard enough it will all stop.
That when i open them up, it will open up a new shiny door of hope.

How naive of me to think this way,
Years of build up have caused the situation,
And i cant fix what was never one.
I cant do what my heart is screaming out to do, to fix this all.

help. but i cant. i cant.
It's just out of reach so close i feel all the emotion, yet,
so far cause i cant stich it back together.

I love you, i love you both.
Please, for me, hear my prayers.
My pleaded prayers.

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