Wednesday, September 22, 2010


There was a piece of tiny gold thread attached to a tiny golden needle.
It pushed down past my skin, back behind my ribs and around my lungs.
My heart is what it was headed for.

I let it in, thinking it couldnt hurt me anymore than what i already was.
So numb that i didnt even care if it worked or not.
The thread so tiny, i never thought it would heal a thing; fix anything broken.

But when i let it touch my heart... when it brushed my heart, a healing process began.
I was surprised.
I was confused.
I was entrigued.
Before i knew what was happening, my heart moved.
My heart beat, no, my heart pumped again.

My heart had been touched by a tiny little needle with tiny golden thread.
It worked fast, quick, and gentle. Weaving in and out, knowing where to put what and
how to solve the endless puzzle. And before i could remember the pain, my heart was one.

Gold string came into my life.
It was so little so thin i never would have imagined it to captivate my heart.
I never would have thought it to be the thing to collect the broken pieces.
Yet, my once frozen-solid, shattered heart is warm, and the gold thread holds it together.

I may not have any cool scars to show for the stiches i have, but my heart is renforced with gold thread, making it impossible to break again. You stiched my heart, and when you did that. You fixed my world.

There was a piece of tiny gold thread on a tiny golden needle...
and that was all it was...

But i needed to learn, its the small most unexpected things in life that could heal my broken soul.

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