Saturday, March 5, 2011

Double Baked Cookie Monster

We walked in a little bit late cause well, i had to shower. of course.
I clocked in as he washed his hands, then we switched and simlpy went our seperate ways.
I did my thing, he did his.
All night however as i walked the happy (and not so happy) customers to their tables, i was watchin him whenever i could. Stalker? Yes. Do i care? Hahah not at all. He is cute in his uniform :)

I waited for him in the car snuggled up in my big blanket just listening to the cd he gave me.
And when he finally came out with a big smile on his face, he hopped into the car and handed me a bag of two ultra large cookies... "we are going to make cookie monsters"... Excitment light up his eyes.

We walked into his kitchen. He scooped ice cream on our warm cookies. Then drizzled caramel sauce on the top of our cookie monster treats. We sat down and laughed. And smiled. And consumed our lovely plate of warm chocolate chip cookie, ice cream and caramel. yummy.

I wanted out of my work clothing. So he grabbed my hand and we skipped to get some clothes, and the cutie he is- He lent me his clothes just to wander around in. We snuggled up on the couch after his treats and changing and watched a movie. We pulled out his phone to text eachother silly little texts... but they werent really sent hah... we stole little kisses here and there. I watched his eyes light up when i would smile. I watched him out of the corner of my eye stroking my hand with his fingers. I could have laid there for forever and ever...

We closed his front door laughing as i ran in his oversized clothing to Alice (my car) and he chased me to her door. Curfew called me home and i had to depart... But as i pulled away he made a heart with those fimilar hands and wore that big grin on his face- the one he only gives to me... and i knew i would be just fine cause i had soaked up every minute of our time :)

I love those simple nights when the world is quiet and nothing much is planned but a Double baked cookie monster. Those are the best of the best Because it is Mostly smiles and laughter and silly little memories made. And that is price less :)

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