Sunday, March 13, 2011

Just gotta let it out!

I have so much happiness, that I cant even try to write the way i truly feel. I have a continual feeling of peace, love, joy, excitement, modivation, determination, support, self respect. I thank those in my life that help a gal out like me. You are the reason that i have this feeling. I owe every person who has ever smiled at me a million smiles. I owe every person who has ever complimented me a million compliments. I owe every soul who has shared with me their feelings, a million heart felt conversations. I owe all those who have given me a gift, a million gifts more and a million times better. I owe all those who have lent an ear to listen to me in my deepest times, a million listening moments. I owe all those people in my life who are great examples, a million "thank you" 's for influencing my life for the better. I love this earth, I love my brother, I love my family, I love my dog, I love music and nice weather. Quite simply today i feel greatful for the wonderful life i have been blessed with. I love this life, and all those who surround me every day. I am a very lucky girl, one of the luckiest i would even dare to say. Thank you!

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