Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Margery, but her friends call her Marge.

Today I drove up where i dont normally drive. For really no reason at all. In fact dinner was hot and was waiting for me at home, but i chose to drive the long way. I was enjoying the lovely snow on the mountains and the big beautiful houses when i saw Marge. Now let me tell you, I was in a hurry to get home to my food... and however lovely the drive was, i was regretting and wondering why i took the route i took, however, as i passed Marge, A thought occured to me to turn around. Quickly dismissing the thought i kept on down the road... but when i thought it again, I realized i had to turn around so i flipped a quick u-y. As i drove back up the road i was thinking how silly this all was and how weird i was being but i stopped at Marges house anyways. She had just made it down her drive way to retrieve her mail, when i pulled up beside her. I rolled down my window and i said "hello"... but she did not respond... at this point i considered driving away feeling quite foolish, but from out of nowhere i said "excuse me mam!" qutie a bit louder than i expected it would come out... and Cute little marge turned around... Five feet tall. Brown wig. Pink cane. Dentures. Huge warm winter coat. Bright red lipstick. There she was in all her cuteness. I asked her if i could help her up her drive cause i had noticed her struggle, and a huge grin came across her little face, and a sweet little "oh yes! thank you!". Now, as her driveway was long and steep and her speed qutie slow we talked. We talked about her arthritis and the weather. We talked about how she was the oldest in her ward and proud of it! We talked about where i lived, and we talked about my grandma. We talked about if i was married or not. We talked about my eye color, We talked about how she worked at the temple. We even talked about her memory and how many people she knew still. the most amazing thing happened.. Marge and i talked like old friends right up to her door... Today i am grateful for Margery. She told me that her friends call her Marge, and told me to call her that. As i opened the door for her she turned around with the most genuine smile on that little wrinkled 93 year old face and said " im so glad i made a friend today, thank you for stopping by." To which i reponded "it was my pleasure marge, have a good day!"

Marge may not even remember my name or how old i was, or that i am not really married, but i will remember her. I am so glad that i drove the long way, and that i turned around. I would have missed out on this precious opportunity. Sometimes, you just have to listen... even if you dont know why you are even doing it, but you just have to listen... and today as i listened i thought that i would be the one serving this young lady... but i was sorely mistaken... cause today as i drove away from Marges little white house on the hill i realized that Marge served me. She cared. And she smiled. She smiled the most genuine smile i have seen in a long time... What precious gift to recieve on this cool autumn day.

Dont throw away precious moments please.
Just listen.

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