Tuesday, May 29, 2012


It began in the small hours of the night.
A simple sound, an idea. Internal fight.
Brush it away day after day.
Erase the words that he did say.
Time took the words right from his lip
Losen your fingers on the grip.

Sometimes I feel it would be easier
That life would be breezier
With someone sitting by my side.
With someone who would in me take pride.

I have never played this part before
Lonely have I never felt more.
But not lonely in its tradition
Just longing for a simple addition.
One plus two.
A "me" and a 'you".

I wish for someone to come and sweep me off my feet,
Someone who smiles when we greet.
I wish for that feeling of importance
Not the feeling of ignorance.
I wish for that feeling of going home when wrapped in his arms
And being swooned by his simple charms.

I want to feel safe.
I need to feel safe.

I wish for honesty to flow
And a trust to grow.
So many have said they'd keep me,
Yet alone here I be.

I do not pitty myself, or call this last resort
I just wish for acceptance when i've come up short

I'll be patient.
I'll wait.
I've done so already.

Not throwing my love out
To anyone eager roaming about.
It means more to me.
I'd invest anything to have you see.

I am cute and maybe slightly funny,
But id hold you tighter than anyone honey.

Just give me the chance.
Give me my next person at a glance.
I just want to meet him.
Im ready. Excitment flowing over the brim-

Come on over
Summer boyfriend.

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