Thursday, June 14, 2012

sleep thoughts.

Maybe its why my subconscious still finds you.
Letting it all out.
Isnt it interesting how a dream can work? You have absolutely no power over what you will see in your sleepy little head, yet somewhere deep down you still remember some things forgotten. Some things that you have forgotten while you were awake. And maybe this is why i have suddenly been remembering? I couldnt recall thinking of these things throughout the day or, seeing them in weeks, yet there they are night after night. Maybe dreams exsist to remind you of things that you once loved, like your best friends hot tub, or her awesome backyard, from when you were six. Or that one guy you dated from freshman year, who you really didnt date, it was mainly just a title. Or maybe they are there to refresh your memory of the hurt you once felt, so you can realize how good you have it when you wake up. Dreams might exsist just to simply entertain your family at the breakfast table when you tell them your latest "adventure"... But right now i just think my dreams are there to keep mind mind moving through out the day... Why do i dream of these things that i never wanted to think of again. Why does my selfconscious go there? I tell myself no no no. too much hurt. keep away. Yet my dreams mock me. I think i know why one chararcter has come along. He always represents a certain feeling, but you. I dont get it, cause the character has changed... im not a dream interperter but, i think i know why you have come along lately. I've been bugged and my mind pushes it away in the day but at night i cant fight it anymore. What a hypocrite you have become... and i think that deep down that has hurt me... And i know its not my place at all really to say that kind of thing, but apparently its been on my mind lately, and i want it to go away... heres for hoping, let me free dreams. Im letting it out. now stop it.
It hurts to have excuses thrown at your face.
It hurts to know that you were so easily replaced.
It hurts to know you dont even care.
It hurts to know that love isnt fair.
But i am STRONG i really am,
Just unloading built up emotion.
Just go away now cause i am done,
I release my true devotion.

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