Tuesday, July 17, 2012


When you stop looking for it, it finds you.
And I believe this to be true.
I stopped looking
And I stopped caring and well
Truth is....

I am totally and completely twitterpated.

Other truth about this is,

he hardly knows.

Sometimes I feel really small and insignificant. And sometimes I feel like that alot. But other times I feel very important and very needed. I just havent felt that as much. I think that knowing both feelings quite well make it all the better to feel very important.

I really want to date him. I really want to be his girl. I really think that he is something special. I really think that it could work. I really do. I really think that i would have never found him on my own. I really hope that this is the next step in my life. I really like him. I really like him. I REALLY like him. I was supposed to meet him. I know that. How? well you see there is a story, one of those crazy stories that you only hear when people meet in the movies type of story.

He is my best friends cousin's cousin. Ya. I met him in California, on the beach... we both live in Utah, in the mountains.

I was supposed to go to California with 5 girls five days later than when I went. I was supposed to not go at all. But I went. I was supposed to only go to the beach that day, but ended up in a gated community with complete strangers. I was supposed to go to lots of beaches, but only went to one mainly.  I was supposed to not stay an extra day, but I did.

It was the perfect alignment of weird events that happened just ever so perfectly so that I could happen to meet a guy that is funny, and silly, and tall, and tan, and righteous, and caring, and artistic, and musical, and strong, and athletic, and stylish, and CUTE AS HECK, and totally and completely my type. Someone who just happens to love dogs, and the beach, and pictures, and adventure... just like me. Someone who just happens to be getting out of a relationship, who just happens to live in highland utah, and just happens to be moving to provo?? You see? I was supposed to meet him. It's pretty clear... I just dont know for what yet.

And now I am really really really hopeful that, after a year of feeling very small and insignificant, that this one person can make me feel important again., and that maybe that is the reason we met on a sandy beach a thousand miles away from home.

Please please please. I want nothing less than to date this young man... he is just too good to pass up And I promise whoever is in charge of my future, and his... that I will be really good to him... and I promise that I will make him happy like I think he can make me. I dont remember feeling this taken in a very long time. I dont remember meeting anyone in such a perfect storm of events before. I promise to be the best I can be. Please please please just let this happen for me.... i've been so patient... and im totally and completely twitterpated.


  1. Im saying this as a friend, im glad you found someone that will make you feel good. But a big thing to learn in life is to be happy when your alone, and to be able to be happy and feel significant with out someone else. Then if you break up it wont hurt as bad and you will be able to keep going confident and strong. Im happy things are going good for you miss stefaroo. You deserve a happy good life.

  2. Thank you, however I may have come across wrong here in my writing. I am a very happy and confident person, who does feel significant even when im not dating anyone. Maybe a better word for this is special, I just havent felt special to another person in quite sometime, and maybe this person can make me feel that way. Either way, I am happy on my own. I've never been happier, actually... Its just that sometimes it is just nice to feel significant in the eyes of someone else.