Friday, October 11, 2013

.the luckiest.

it was just like any other day, but i turned into the luckiest.

never imagined all this to last,
for the grip you hold is tight my dear
from the moment that you asked.

.i am the luckiest.

I wonder what you think when you lay your head down at night
my thoughts fly to you 
and smile in the moments of sweet reminisce 
my dear, your soul simply radiates light

.i am the luckiest. 

"ill be here waiting for your sweet and faithful return"
as you tucked it safe away
and you faithfully did
you wrote to never raise concern


i became the luckiest

if i could write the words that my soul truly knows
 i just simply cannot
for its too much to contain 
And a mere poem or song is all i can compose

you my darling boy turned me into 
the luckiest.

.i am the      luckiest.
and it is true my darling
my sweetheart
my love

 have taken
and claim the right to keep
my lucky little heart.

.i am the luckiest.

.forever and always.

.i love you.

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  1. Guuuurl!! You have a gift! This was amazingly beautiful!