Sunday, October 20, 2013


The time seems to seamlessly flow between the days like the little streams in the mountains here.
I love the cool autumn breeze brushing my face in the chilled October nights. 
I look back to where I have come from,
Where I planted my feet and bloomed this past year. 
I have been from sea to shining sea, and back again. 
And now I am home again nestled in between my mountain sounds and cozy by the fire in my birds nest.
I close my eyes and imagine all the things I thought would happen. 
All the flowers that I thought would be plucked.
I smile, as now I sit back and ponder, reflect, remember the beauty of the endless floral fields that I have actually had the great fortune to dance through.
All the colors and varieties of flowers that have grown beneath my feet.
Not plucking a stem, never stop the growth. Enjoy the beauty, but allow to better. Growing, beautiful.

The time is really just a number that allows me to reference when the seeds started to sprout.
"It does not matter the quantity, but more the quality" 
And I have had the most quality year to date. 
I feel beauty of life surround me, the richness and abundance of blessings.
I feel the sand between my toes and hear the soft mountain breeze whisper to remind me who I was made to be. 
One with you. 
One with me. 
One happy human.
One person on her way to who she needs to be.
My blonde memories tangled in salt and nostalgia warm my shoulders once again and that familiar feeling of home rings from the brilliant colors of the sun drenched clouds.

 I am where I need to be.

The time is not ticking against me, nor do I wear the watch.  It all continues on and the sundials master knows where to put my feet when to allow more fields to bloom. More dancing to be done. I am not sorry for what has happened. As my time really should just be his. It should melt and morph and become who I need to be. It all happens for a reason.  
I have been led my the hand and carried when its been hard. But I am here. 
And I will continue to go where the flower fields call my name.
So many more things to learn.
So many more things to nurture. 
So many more blooms to be made, and more love and memories to be had.
My soul smiles as I know that this time, is truly but a small minute.
All is well.


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