Sunday, April 11, 2010

Blow Away in the Wind

As i sit here and look at the computer screen my mind is fluttered with thoughts...

How do i say what i need to say?
You know, that thing that has been running, twirling, and bouncing around in my noggin all day...

So i guess i shall just say what needs to be said...
Get it out of my head.

As the day progressed and my mind recharged,
I wondered what i could do you settle your alarm,
Casue those things you say, make me feel all that harm...
Not the harm that others inflicted on you,
But the stuff that you did, to you.

I pondered this many times before, but today it was especially on my mind.
Some may think i am crazy or uneccesarily worrisome, but i think it needs to be done.
You have hurt yourself, and to me you are a special one.
So i keep on wondering, walking around for an answer to be found...
But i am not sure i can find what i want to be found.

And as i think about it more and more, a sheer realization... i cant do a thing.
I feel so useless... so helpless... so sad... i have no use.
Cause i am afraid i cant stop yourself from your own abuse.

Of course your wound is from so long ago,
But you cant seem to let it heal, cause you wont let it go.
I am here to tell you its okay,
You dont have to hurt, not one more day.

Please let it go.
Learn but dont hold on.
I will be here for you all along the way,
But please i beg, do as i say,
Let this pain fall away.
Let this pain fall away.
It doesn't have to stay....

I love you.

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