Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Do i Have Another Choice?

I cant;
the way it is will be no more.

I wont;
im fed up with it. honestly.

I am sorry;
sorry it had to fall apart like this.

But i wont let this get me down;
peace is in sight, sad as that may be.

no more lies, no more pain, no more mothering to some that is not mine.

i am free to be me.
I wish you the best of luck;
cause you think that you know what is best for you, okay fine.
this will be best for me.

"so stop telling me what to do"

enough said.

I cant;
no more miss me, eating the food you want me to see.
i am fed up and full of all the crap you have given me.

I wont;
feel much more than this

I am sorry though;
good luck. its a tough world out there.

But this wont let me down;
cause you pushed me away.

make your own life;
you said it yourself you wanted to be acknowledged,
and this will get you that...
no more sidekick
become your own hero (?)
if you can
But no more of this
"you did this by yourself"
so im just letting you go,
go do it by yourself like you want...
do whatever you want.
cause you already have anyways.
i didnt let you down i realize that,
but i am sorry that you couldnt hear or see what i tried to do for you...
oh well, all you can do is say, i tried my best... right?
amd i have, more than once.
its sad this just isnt working out.
dont think that this is just becuase of your recent mistakes,
i just cant take it,
the same ones being made over and over again.
im proud you have your life in order. i really am.
i hope that you keep it that way.
honestly i do.

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