Thursday, April 1, 2010

Sedately Solemn

That sweet sound that tingles in my ear,
Those words i love to hear.
Could i be a luckier human being?
I dont think i could be.
Although not everything in life is set,
And some of the things that happen cause fret.
I Will still be happy.
Thanks to you.

I love the sincere meaning in the sound,
Simple words. Yet so profound.

What did i do to get this?
I just have no idea.
I am sorry to those who came arcoss this path,
But i had already figured out the math.
One plus one will alway be two,
I didnt want to hurt you.

I giggle when they enter into my head,
Cant help but replay what was said.

Where on earth did it come from?
Not from earth.
These words are from above,
Pure heart, pure love.

Give me that sweet sound that tingles in my ear,
Cause those words i love to hear.

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