Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Broken Glass

I took off and left that room behind.
Anger, pain, and helplessness on my mind.
I ignored the sign with the black numbers.
Those numbers will not change anything,
They will not choose my fate.

As i stopped at the light,
Terrible thoughts i had to fight.
Why not just take control of something?!
Anything... Cause i have lost it.
Im numb from all the false hope.

Just take control!
End everything with one hard blow.
Why must i always be so close to the gold,
before it disapears?
And that is why i thought to do it,
Just let drastic happen... it happens to me anyway.
Why not be in charge for once?

I sat there at the light with tears pooled up in my eyes.
And my foot on the brake is what i most despised.
Of course i wouldn't,
I know i shouldn't,
But sometimes, i think it would be easier than life.
It would focus on something else besides the strife.
Its hard sometimes, but... i will make it through.
I will.

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