Saturday, August 7, 2010

Let the good times roll

The time is coming, the days are falling behind me and leaving a trail, a trail of memories.

I maybe sometimes am dramatic
And sometimes i exaggerate a little,
Or the story gets longer everytime,


that is just me, and exaggerated or not,

I have loved this summer
I cant even explain it, cause i went no where,
I saw nothing,
I did nothing all too exciting,
Or found a summer love that i didnt already have.

I just loved it, and of course it is not over yet, but i feel it closing,
and before i feel too sad i must write.... Just perfect, well maybe not perfect but, there isnt much
to complain about.

The family reuninon that lasted a month and a half,
Just family being family, with little girls screaming their joy,
And little boys wrestling in the living room,
All the fam at the park playing on the playground, the parents chatting and the kids just tickled pink that they get to stay so long.
Friends being friends, meeting new people, enjoying them.
Swimming in the pools and watching movies (jaws)
All my dates playing my dad in ping pong, me going to plan b,
My dad getting beat.
Thank you austin :)
Tubing down the river, seeing a bear, falling out of tube, "bear" being a cow.
Climbing on top of a roof, watching the stars.
Wandering around in alice, she got a new tat.
Helping find dog owners
Try to find job.
Kong cones at macey.
Petting pugapoo puppies.
Swinging at the park, white van, not a kid napper.
Iceblocking down the bowl.
Running through the sprinklers.

Watergun fight.
Fugative, loosing juels phone, buy new one, find phone.
Sleeping on the tramp, sprinklers turned on.
Hunting hobos.
Wendys, my treat.
Hide and seek in DI.
Chinese Fire drills, 8 times around car.
Bridal veil falls at night.
Tennis, not very good, snow cones instead.
Failing at finding job, again.
Efy, do what i say, sneak in to dance, success.
Rice king-total hole in the wall.
Petco, poor little betta fish.
Rose tattoo on ankle, blue moon on neck.
Texas trampoline.
Schizophrenic hitchhiker.
Pursuit of happiness.
Loving you.

This summer was outstanding, and maybe i exaggerate a little,
or maybe i am a tad bit dramatic, but take it how you will,

I loved this summer.

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