Wednesday, August 25, 2010

You are my Sunshine

Its been awhile since my little heart has felt this tingle.
Its been too long probably. But i sure am glad.

Its been awhile since i felt this motivated,
Its probably been way too long but that is okay.

Its been awhile since the peace has overwhelmed me,
Its been crazy around me, but all i see is the peace.

Its been awhile since i thought this way... with hope.
It has been far overdue, but now i am full with its love.

Its been awhile since i have been this organized.
Actually, i dont think i have ever been this organized...

Its been awhile since i have had this nervous, pure feeling,
Its been too cold to feel anything, but i have thawed and can feel again.

It has been while, and yet, i am so grateful for the break,
Cause it is breaks like that, those down times, that lighten the bright.

I love this, this right here right now.
I love this new, i love this pure feeling, i love this all.
Its been awhile since this much change but i am ready.
Ready. Ready. Ready.

Bring it on, i am standing tall today, head held high, stride widened, ambitions greater, and smile bigger than ever.

I owe you an enormous thanks, cause you are my jewel, my gem, a treasure to my heart a possession i have been given as a gift from above, honest, true and pure, you are the answers to my prayers. and i am overwhelmed that i could recieve something like you in a time like this.

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  1. I'm very happy to hear this! It kinda made my day. You deserve to be happy and fresh. That's when life is the most fun. Keep it up steffany.