Monday, December 6, 2010

Charting the Unplanned

Often times, the best moments take me by surprise.
You know, you think of the ideal situation and believe it would be better than anything... yet,
We both know those hardly ever happen so, in all honesty, its those moments unplanned-
The spontanious seconds in life that are my favorite.
I like it when it rains, when i wasnt expecting it, and i like it when it pours too.
I like unexpected visit of my sister when she rolls around to our house.
I like the folded socks on my bed that i dont remember getting.
I like it when a great meaningful song comes on and it is just what i need.
I like it when it gets cold and when i can see my breath all of a sudden.
I like deciding to do dounuts in the school field randomly.
I like when my dog licks my face when he sees me, even though he saw me 2 minutes ago.
I like that you just kinda showed up in my nothing to special of a life,
And yet, i like the most out of all of them, how hard i have fallen for you...
And how that just sorta happened...

I am quite fond of the spontanious, unplanned moments in life.
To me they make life worth living

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