Saturday, December 4, 2010

Teenage love + 70 years

I Drove down the road on a chilly winter day my hands purplish blue from holding the steering wheel, My car singing me all my favorite words, and i was singing along too when i spotted them.

You see i have this love for elderly people. I mean i really do. They are like little kids with old bodies and well, on that cold winter morning i saw the two of them walking together.

The Little old lady had on huge fluffy bright pink mittens. Her hair was the perfectly roller curly white, and her coat swallowed her. Over her ears she wore ear muffs the size of pillows... Truly darling.

The Little old man with his hunched over back, big rimmed glasses, a classy tan- knee length coat and little loafers, reminded me of my grandpa. I could see he was not balding cause he didnt have a hat on, just matching ear muffs.

And as if these two werent cute enough,

They were holding hands. Her pink fluffy mittens and his black leather gloves intangled together.... And like a circut, when they are connected, a light comes on, it shined above anything else on the street. The light was the huge denture smiles on each of there happy wrinkly faces..

I thought to myself as i drove past the two,

Some day i will be like you.
And smiled to myself at the treasure i had just seen.

1 comment:

  1. i love this.
    everything you just said- ditto. a thousand times.
    i love old couples. i'm so excited to grow old with my future husband just cause of people like these.