Saturday, July 9, 2011

The clouds roll across the sky puffy and white.
The birds chirp their little songs and life could never be better.
Fun, laughter and smiles. You're out and about with so many people.
With all the friends and girls you please.

I sit here and find myself struggling. At little things, stupid things. Yet they hurt.
Clouds roll over my head now adays but i dont go out to see them. I sleep or write.
I cry about the old days. I want to be out and about too but havent a clue who to call...
And they dont call me... and if someone does. im at work. and its too late.
Over so much time my relationships dwindled with others and there isnt much left.
Its my fault i know, and that makes it worse.
But it was an accident cause well, i was head over heels for you...
Dont get me wrong, im happy that you're happy.
you just wont see it on my face.

For you the earth kept spinning
For me... it didnt.

it hurts to be replaced.

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