Saturday, July 30, 2011

just four little letters.

Its that feeling you know so well.

Where your heart picks up its pace like its going somewhere, like it is going to jump out of your chest and do a little dance.

Its that feeling you miss so much.

Where you wish that at night when you lay your head down that it were laying there with you. Right next to you. Tied to you. Never letting go.

Its that feeling you wish for.

When you are driving alone and "your" song comes on. Your mind plays back exactly where you were and how you danced and how he smiled at you.

Its that feeling that confuses me.

I want it so badly, but realized i miss giving it more. with every fiber in me, i want to give.

Its that feeling i felt last night.

When i layed in the grass and took a stroll down memory lane. My eyes closed i just remember what we had said, done and laughed at on that same grass.

Its that feeling that makes you crazy and sane.

Its that feeling that keeps you up at night but puts you to sleep.

Its that feeling that makes me and breaks me.

Its that feeling that brings so much hurt yet so much joy.

Its that feeling again.

I felt its sweetness last night.

Its that feeling again.

That familar feeling of love.

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