Monday, July 11, 2011

Opposition in All things

The bright beautiful colors of a sun rise would never be as briliant without the night.
To truly appreciate a clean dish you have to see it filthy.
Summer would hardly be as special if we didnt have to go through nine months of school.
A paycheck would not be as satifying without the hours of work you put forth to get it.
Food in a hungry tummy wouldnt be as filling without first the aching hunger.
Seeing a person for the first time in a while wouldnt be as exciting if you had seen them every day for ten years.
To truly appreciate togetherness, you must first be alone.
A soft pillow wouldnt be as comforting without sleepy eyes.
Sweat must fall in hours of practice to feel victorious when you have won the final game.
Flowers never look more beautiful when the creep up through the last melting snow.
Air conditioning feels best when stepping out of the pounding heat.
Smiles are never brighter then after a good cry.
Confidence comes from being unsure at first.
Hot waffles taste better after a week of wheaties for breakfast.
Blue skies are never more blue then after a rain storm.
To know what peace is, you have to know what stress is.
New life would not be as valuable without the knowledge of a passed loved one.
Feeling healthy is best after you have been sick.
Happiness is learned only after you learn what sad is.
White looks cleaner, next to black.
To know what love is you must experience hurt.

To truly appreciate life, you must see the opposition in all things.
Cause it makes the bright, even brighter.
And that is beautiful.

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