Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Terminal 2

I love the air port. Ever since i was a little girl i squeal when we take the turn off the highway to get there. And repeatedly say "oh i love the airport!!" then my mom or dad laugh at me but i dont care. I love the smell, the hustle and bustle of all the people, the little stores, the cars, the EVERYTHING! I absolutely love the airport. Its just so interesting.
It represents alot of things- reunion, excitement, surprise, sleepiness, new people, new land, new adventures, and of course parting.
I went to the airport yesterday to drop off my new zealand friend, grace. She went inside with my mommy and i was left sitting in my car to watch the people at terminal 2. Stalker? yes. but i didnt care cause well, love the airport and i love the people at the airport.
To my left i watched a man on the phone, i watched asians pull up in a lexus, in an audi and even in a land rover... alot of asians (rich)... any who. There was a cowboy in full get up- boots, hat, and even belt buckle. There was a mom pushing her handicapped daughter in a wheelcar. I watched as a couple had there last embrace- both were crying and kissing one another. I got to witness a mom and her two litle kids say goodbye to there daddy- he wore a military outfit, he leaned down to kiss his wife and hug his kids, then tears in all their eyes he turned and went inside- i lip read as he walked across the street. "i love you" then he saluted.

As i watched the people at the airport i realized the value of a person, of course i knew this before, that we were all valuable but this was different. The people at terminal 2 changed me a little, I was surprised by the wealth of asisans and thought that the sterio type was more ture than i thought. I was thrilled to see a cowboy walking around like he was in a western movie and that he was about to call his horse to ride him into the sunset. I was touched by the love of a mother helping her daughter do something that to me seems so simple- moving from place to place. My heart felt the hugs and kisses of the couple saying goodbye... i wondered if they would ever see eachother again, i wondered if she would move on and kiss another when she left... i cried when that composed man hugged his children and kissed his wife then turned with tears in his eyes to go serve.. serve for his family, for the united states, for me...

I loved the airport before i went, but now i realize i love the airport even more because it represents love for one another. I didnt know any of those people i saw yesterday but i felt like i did. I felt the love they had for one another. And that touched my little heart as i sat in the car waiting at terminal 2.

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