Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Slow dancin under your stary eyes

The strings of lights reflected in those brown pools as
Familiar lyrics and notes played in the backround.
I rested my head on that strong chest and looked out at the sunset;
the last glimps of blue sky brushed over by deep reds, oranges, and pinks.
It was a scene from a movie.
I listened to the heart i knew so well thump into my ear.
I listened to the soft notes you sung as you rested your chin on my head.
close my eyes.
Take it all in.
"im the luckiest girl in all the world."
Kisses showered my forehead.
I love you was softly, tenderly, meaningfully said.
Song after song we swayed this way.
So close.. held so tight.
Two best friends, celebrating what that day was for.
Not the sappy stuff,
but the true feelings shared;
Sharing that we each cared.
As the night progressed we sat at the table that had been set.
A candle lit dinner for two.
We held hands and watched the last of the sun go down.
Your jacket kept me warm, as so did the space heaters.
No need to speak.
Why break the perfect moment, the perfect feeling, the perfect night.
feel our fingers intertwined.
close my eyes.
Take it all in.
Never forget.. "im the luckiest girl in all the world."
Open my eyes to see you looking at me.
Smiling... not only with your mouth, but
With those brown eyes holding the candle light in them.
My smile.
The smile you only give to me.
I think differently of this day now.
today as the day progressed i remembered why it was okay i was "alone"
I remembered why i wanted to be single.
And why i didnt want any "Valentines"
Cause i want to wait for that.
I dont want any of the fake "i love you's" any more.
Having this day last year made up for this one single year and many more to come becuase,
I know that i only want the real stuff.
Valentines is a great day.
And i cant wait for this kind of thing once more.
The perfect excuse to just share.
Share that you each care.
I love that.
"two times more than you could ever love me..."

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