Thursday, February 2, 2012


Words simply cannot describe how great of a day this was for me.
AHH it was better than anything!
Ten things that helped make this day one of the best ever.
One, Honey bunches of oats.
Two, had my flirt on today... hmm :) always fun.
Three, i love lacrosse - new girl, wowwwoo this year we are going to do well. So hopeful!
Four, i shaved at walmart.
Five, I have a great job - divas i love you.
Six, realized that in a mere 20 days i will turn that old age of 18. Whoa!
Seven, Also realized that in a 12 days im going to be in disney land. :)
Eight, My family, and friends are crazy amazing, i love them and they support me so much. What more could i ask for?!
And nine... drum roll please.....
Im feeling on top of the world. I probably wont sleep well tonight, but who needs sleep really? My Goodness there is someone up there looking down on me showering me with blessings today. I hope he is smiling cause i cant stop. AHHHH such a good day!!!!!
Ps..number ten... :)

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