Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Volte Face

When you just want to drop it and run...
Sprint until you are far from the familiar, and not so.
But everywhere you turn is a dead end.
Why must this power remain in my soul?
So sleepy from the circles ive spun
I just want my some day to come.
"Do not live in the future and never in the past.."
Combine those together and it's my days of recent last.
Present... but its not mine.
How can i free myself from the bonds that bind my beating breast?
So sick of the sounds that ive spat at the world.
I just want the world to be silent.
World, listen to my longing
Guide paths in the opposite direction of right now.
Far far away.
I dont want to hike up this hill anymore.
Tricks and tests i can take,
But i beg.
One way path please.
Let my little legs carry me far far away from the intersecting paths.
Im dizzy from the drowsy thoughts swirling around
Pull my feet down, free me from the fright that i have found.
Why must i hold on to the something my soul dispises?
let go..
What happened?
Things once known become things you now knew.
I cant control the creature anymore...
For its out grown the cage.
Set on something bigger and better...
I just want to take the first train
Watch the new settings in the window pain
And never get off...
Yet i want a destination, some stop to call home...
Confused at the inner pull of my megnetic heart.
Scream the sounds somewhere buired deep within.
Let go...
Let go...
Let go...
who that once was, now is not them.
Let it sit inside your sore self,
Hear the thoughts linger in your ears,
Ringing out truth and placing peace into the soul.
so very...
so very...
so very...
Now universe, and sun, and stars above..
Allow the little legs, that wish to work,
To take that little girl to... where her heart just took.
One path please.
Far far away from the familiar of the unfamiliar.

1 comment:

  1. I read the whole thing. And it was magnificent for reasons I do not wish to express, for they would show my soul to you. So for now I will say, That was utterly amazing. Thank you.