Monday, March 12, 2012

Piles of Daydreams

As the piles stack up i try not to let the frusteration build too...
So much to do in such a little time,
Where have the weeks gone?
Where are you, can i meet you soon, or maybe next week.. down the road at my favorite bakery?
We could get a cupcake and share it. Sit across the table for two, and laugh. You could smile that beautiful smile and just make me forget my troubles for a moment...
We could go for a drive, and you could say that you love to hear my stories as you grab my hand and kiss the top of it. Ill be your princess if you please be my prince...
If you dont want a cupcake, or to drive around, we could go on a walk, those are always fun. I would grab your hand and we could wander around town.. take a mini adventure. I could bring my camera and take snap shots of you as you walk and wander with me. I could even bring my cute dog. We could let him off his leash and chase him around... then, being the brave and couragous man you are.. you would catch him and save him from the scary dog down the road.
But if you simply do not want to move, we could cuddle on the couch together and watch a movie. I would probably fall asleep next to you.. but before i drift off we could send silly text messges (you know just in case someone else were in the room actually wanting to watch the moive) to eachother while the movie plays... or not... and we could do it just cause its silly and we are silly together...
Oh somone.. I need to just stop this daydreaming.. you're not here and there is so much to do but
if you came... i promise i would try my best to be just as wonderful as you are to me, back to you... i would do everything in my power to make you happy... i promise... oh someone.. i miss you tonight.. i wish you could be here telling me that everything will work out all right.

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