Saturday, December 14, 2013


The ice gleamed a soft pink color as the sun's last tired rays ventured into the caverns of the mountains. Melted and refrozen snowflakes speared off the roof of my house, perfectly framed by the window.
There I sat.
Watching the most beautiful display that the heavens offer freely every. single. evening.
The remarkable soft clouds silently slid across the sky and just for a moment.
The world was absolutely clear.
I wonder what the sun does as it shines on me.
Is there some spectacular display every evening?
Do the hues from the sky brush my checks and help other people feel?
Feel that same remarkable and breathtaking crystal clear peace heaven has to offer?

I am not aware of what it does to me, what I truly reflect.

But I am aware of the reflecting thoughts in caverns of my mind. 
The thousands of collective thoughts that were once spearing and cold
Have melted and allowed me to see. More.
Allow me to see the grand picture that is my life. 
Perfectly framed inside this thing we call a "body".
Perfectly capturing the essence of my soul.

As I watched the sun slowly tuck itself in behind the mountains it retires to every evening. 
I was at peace in all decisions and roads I have traveled on. 
The serenity of pink icicles held in its frozen bubbles the key to 
A peaceful me.

Although I miss certain frozen, captured moments of my history, 
I remember, those magnificent sculptures of me are not going anywhere. 
Safe and sound pink, orange and yellow hues reflecting in my mind.
Time to create new masterpieces.
Time to move forward.
Time to create more icicles.
Icicles of things that radiate and exemplify the beauty offered by the simple setting of a sun.
And the setting of the sun is
Something that happens everyday.

Today is the perfect day to start the rest of my life.
I am at peace on the roads I am headed down.
Allow the sun to set and the ice to melt, 
I am ready for the new day.

(Funny what a little frozen water can do when you stop to think)

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