Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Home Tweet home

You know those times when it just seems like everything in the universe is aligned?

That is how it is at my grandparents.
My grandma and grandpa brids :)

The grass seems a little greener,
The kids a little cuter,
The dogs a little more excited,
The trees a little taller,
The flowers a little fuller,
The sunset a little brighter,
The weather a little nicer,
The food a little more tasty,
The fish a little swim-y-er?
The birds a little sing songer,
The time a little slower,
The swing a little higher,
The balls a little bouncer,
The clouds a little more fluffy,
The smiles a litte bigger,
The feild a little more adventurous,
The babies a little more precious,
The Barn a litte more red,
The memories a little better.

That is where everything is a little more aligned.
As i sat on the big rope swing on the tall beautiful tree out back,
Life was nothing but bliss,
With so much on my mind it disolved at my papa and mama birds' house.

Ah, home tweet home.

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