Saturday, July 24, 2010

Hells Whisper

As the hours press on and the days fade slowly, the seconds melt into minutes of torture...
I cant take the heat anymore...
Its not right, and it shouldn't be melting me the way it does,
but my skin is dripping off my bones and to the floor in puddles all around me.
Hopless i watch my self drip, no idea how to stop it.
I am falling apart because of the heat

The echoes in my mind are scorching my brain,
I can't sit in my own home without the effects working on me.
Cant concentrate, cant sleep without the fire being spit.
I hate it... cause i have tried to be the water to extingish this fire that has sparked.
But my cool and calming words are no match for the firey darts that get thrown.

I hate it... I cant even express it.
The heat has started me on fire and as long as i have tried to blow it out,
My breath is still not cold enough to stop this from burning me and our house down.

I dont have a clue at what i should do.
Just hold on steff...
Dont let this burn you.
Keep our house,
No, my family together.

1 comment:

  1. i love you, sweetheart.
    it will be okay.
    i'm here.