Friday, July 2, 2010


Once apon a time there was a little girl,
Her hair tied up in ribbons and curl.
Little, blonde and free.
Maybe not as happy as can be.
She grew up like many others did,
But she knew things girls her age shouldnt.
So from the world she hid.
And when asked to speak, she wouldnt.
Deep down inside the little girl cried
As dreams of being a normal little girl died.
But she forced through the pain
And pretended to not see the rain.
For years the little one did this
And over time she sorted things out
The years of agony she didnt miss
But now she knew what life was about.
As this little girl grew older
She wanted to be everyones pain holder,
Something inside her triggered her past
And she didnt want others pain to last.
She knew the pain, cause she once lived it
So she put on a cape and a mask
To go help people and prove they can make it through it.
To find there trouble was her task.
It went well, it did fine, until one day...
The ones she had been trying to save, simply walked away.
She thought, "i am a failure, i tried so hard to save you,
I tried to save your hurt, and your discomfort by just being there...
I spendt hours giving comfort and support... why could i not save you?"
Many days, many weeks, many months past and she struggled just wondering
What could i have done better?
It was a sad and warming day when she realized, she cant save them all,
It was a sad and warming day when she realized, i can try, but i am not a superhero...
It was a sad and warming day when she realized, she didnt have to feel bad about not completely saving someone, after all, it was extra, no one gave her that job.
I am not a super hero...
I tried to save the ones close to me,
I tried, but now i realize i cant stop the hurt from hitting.
It will come anyways.
And that is okay.

The little blonde girl, still feels so strongly about protection,
About trying to prevent others form the hurt she once felt,
But now she realizes, no one is a super hero...
She cant save them all...
She may not be a super hero, but she has a superpower,
Friendship, warning, and empathy when the hurt hits...
She isn't a super hero but she can still help...
What she always wanted.

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  1. You may not be able to save someone, but that doesn't mean your efforts were in vain. You grew from it, and they were at least better for the moment. You're a good person. All you can give is your best. And that's always enough, no matter what the result.