Sunday, July 4, 2010

To the Strong...

Leaving their families,
Changing the life style they know.
Many will not make it home.
And others will never forget what they see out there.
Friends, Brothers, Sisters, Dads, Uncles, Cousins, Sons, Daughters, will all be lost...
The sacrifices will not end..
The letters will come and the videos sent but it wont be the same to those loved ones at home.
The uniform so noble and so couragous.
Courage takes them to the service.
The strong will keep us together.

So we sit here in this country enjoying what they do...
In our own safe homes, with all our family members...

But with all we owe them, how often do we thank them?
Sure an occasional mormoral day comes around
And of course fourth of July, but in all honesty...
I Believe we take them for granted.
They are the strong,
They are the noble,
They can be trusted,
They are the protectors of our freedom,
They are the ones i love and i thank.
Thank you, to all who have served, and all that do.
I love living where i am,
I love living free.
I love living in peace and not in fear.
So thank you to all who have given so much for the thousands of people around you.
You all deserve a High pedestal, and rewards in heaven.
I love you and will forever love you.
This country is what it is because of you.
This one is to those who protect us.
This one is to the strong.

In loving memory of Rex Boyed Greenwood.
My loving grandpa, and a member of the strong... i love you and thank you especially.

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