Sunday, November 28, 2010

Cold winters kiss

My memories flood back with my stories of the past,
The white winter gift was not quite so welcome in the year of last.
Cold chilling feelings came into my life with the pristine snow
The white winter gift burried my mouth... my own smile i did not know.

My mind so numb from the frost inside my soul
Fingers reaching for something warm to fill the hole.
Pounds shed and pills were taken...
Everything devoted to you... how badly i was mistaken...

But with every season of your life, each one proves a lesson...

My memories flood back with the stories of my past,
And i thank heaven above that the cold winters kiss did not last.
Cold chilling feelings are not welcomed at the door,
And i know this year i have no need to fear anymore.

My mind was cleared in the summer of this year,
When your light shown my way what i needed was clear,
Fingers reaching out for only the light,
And since you have been here everything in my life is right.

The memories are only a figment of my past,
Thank the star and the heaven above...
My cold winters kiss has not the power to last.

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