Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Accurate Truth

Some may say that i have only lived here on this earth for a small amount of time, and i actually think i agree with them... for i am only a silly teenage human being, qualified as a "young adult" or a "young person"... with sometimes an occasional spur of the moment thought that controls a few of my next actions... and well i will take that name and allow it to define me for it seems quite accurate... i am a young person... and i love it.

Some may say that because i have only lived here a short time, that i do not understand alot of things this world has to offer, but i actually dont think that i agree on that statement... for you see, i do not believe that the mere number of your age, is not an accurate test to judge apon... I believe that no matter who you are or how old you have grown to be, that you can feel the exact same things that elders can feel... i know that some peers around me are just as wise as those so called smart 30 year old people...

Some may say that i dont know what it is that i want, but that is also untrue... for you see i am not defined by things that seem impossible, i am a person that takes my dreams and make them become reality... i know what it is i want... i know what it is that i am planning to become and all the future things i will fufill..

Some may ask why it is im actually writing this post... and i will simply say because i know one thing and, well sometimes my brain gets all side tracked trying to voice this thing one thing i know that is moving me to write...
So here it is... I may be a young person, i may have only lived here a short time, but i do know that through these years here on earth i have learned a few things... Like one, i know what i want, and two... sometimes you have to let go of things... of people... of ideas... And three that you have to feel hurt, and you have to know pain, and you have to feel lost, at least for a little to know the joy of this wonderful life we all have the opportunity to live... and four, love is real...

You were once a person i called my close friend, you were once a person i confided in, a person that i loved, and one that i trusted, we shared a lot of memories, a lot of stories... i attempted to guide you along the path... to help you solve problems, be there for you, offer you advice... countless hours we talked and laughed... but more than i would have liked i felt hurt by you... or like you only had time to listen to you... and not me... but i still called you a good friend awhile back, and for a long time... but today as i passed you driving in my car, with the love of my life sitting next to me, i realized that i may not know somethings, cause i have lived on earth a short time.... but i do know one or two... one: that you and i are just growing apart... and two i am okay with that...

And that is my accurate truth.


  1. i feel the exact same way.

  2. but i also want you to know, that whatever i said that hurt you, in ALL HONESTY i did it without the intent to cause any pain. i hope that whatever you heard was exactly how it happened, and unbiased. and i would NEVER want to bring up that past. i hope you are VERY happy, i know you are. if you DO ever need anybody though, i'm here. to listen to you.