Sunday, January 2, 2011

Familiar feelin

We have all been there... we have all felt that feeling... and if you havent then i would sincerely like to meet the person who has not felt this oh too familiar feeling... You know what it is...
Its the, "i screwed that up" feeling... or the "i wish i did this better.. why and i such and idot?!" feeling, or even the (however silly it may be) "today i should have just layed down and stopped trying cause i am not good enough". Its that feeling of not feeling good enough for anyone or anything no matter what... and its sad.

And on occasion I think it is natural to feel this way you see.... however just becuase that is the natural tendancy once in a while does not mean that that is what you should dwell on... once again i have realized this lovely concept of self worth... and my conclusion this time is...

I really do love myself... that may seem silly to say, but i think that when you have apprecitation and love for yourself... you can be uncontrolably happy and be loved by others and love others more in return. It opens up a door that makes you see things brighter. It shows life in a beautiful fashion in a pure thought. So i do love me. And that is the truth. Mistakes and all.

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