Sunday, January 9, 2011

Dance with me tonight

His fingers reached out for mine,
And i look up to see,
His smiling eyes so bright,
As he pulled me under the parking lot light.

The night silent and chilled, stood still,
As we swayed slightly to the slow songs
Dancing, you see, is my newest thrill.

He put his hand so gently on the nape of my neck
As i rested my head on his strong peck.
Tender kisses graced my head,
As "i love you" was softly said.

Snow decended from the sky
As he spun me around and dipped me down,
Flakes of snow just passed us by,
Too distracted by that twinkling in his eye.

Slow motion took control last night, dancin by the parkin lot light.

did you know that I love you?
Well, I do.