Sunday, September 11, 2011

Guardian Angels

Over 3 thousand angels went back home ten years ago.
Daddy called them home without warning...

Today as i have thought of what has already been stated about this day, i thought of something that i would like to share. I dedicate this to those mothers who are crying today thinking of their lost son or daughter. I dedicate this to the children of the valiant firefighters. I dedicate this to the widows who are alone today. I dedicate this to the angels of 9/11. Daddy loves you, and your angels look down to watch over you today.

From the 87th floor a man waved his coat from the window. Flames where at his ankles and smoke above his head. In his last moments of life he threw his coat and took the determind step to attempt to climb down the 87 floors... when his fingers lost their grip daddy carried him home...

A father ran into the ruins to find his son, hoping that with every dust covered face his sons would be the next... The father was a fighter. A fire fighter. But he never found that familar face again. Daddy took his son home.

Smoke filled a feild in virgina... the men on the plane called their wives to say "dont worry, i love you" then they flooded the cockpit... they flew home to daddy.

The street littered with shoes made a muslim man stumble. He fell on his face. The tower fell behind him waiting to devour his body under its mass... but A jewish man ran by him and turned around, he held out his hand and helped a muslim man get up... his only words were "come on brother"...

Today is a day to remember those who fought. Today is a day to remember those who helped. Today is a day to remember what life is really about. It is a day of reverence.

When faced with a trial it shows who we really are. Ten years ago today, many changed their view on the world.

There is a sight just across the street from ground zero that i have been too. Tears are the only appropirate thing when you see the walls of ruins. When you see the names of the angels writen on the walls. When you see the ten thousand paper cranes made by the victims family members.

There is a real feeling of despair.

But life is not about despair. It is not about what you have lost or what you do not have. To me everything in life happens for a reason, and this day ten years ago, brought america together. It brought detemination. It brought change, re evalutaion of ones self. To me 9/11 was not to bring america to its knees but rather to make us stand and stand strong for something we care deeply about.

Over 3 thousand angels went home because daddy wanted them back.

Today i reflect on what i would have done if i were there that day.. Today i see the world differently. And i want to be different too... I want to be a fighter, like the father looking for his son. I want to brave like the man climbing the burning building. I want to tell those i love, that i love them because i'll never know when i will lose them. I want to help out my fellow brothers and sisters live and escape the deepest of dispair.

I dedicate this, my life, to those who went back to daddy trying to be like him.

To those who lost a loved one this day... they did not die in vain, they represent this beautiful place and strong nation of americans. They are the heros in our lives. Dont worry they are with daddy being our gardian angels.


  1. At my school, there's a family. Their dad was the pilot of the second plane to hit the World Trade Center. I'll never forget this day and seeing his widow cry at school when talking about him. I'll never forget seeing the kids day after day and wondering how they were. I know I was only in second grade but, I'll never forget. I'll never forget how if we hadn't moved a year earlier, that would have been my dad in that building. This was a beautiful post Steffany. Everything I've read on here so far is just beautiful.


    Paige (from EFY)

  2. Steffany, wow. That was beautiful.