Sunday, September 18, 2011


Pumping, pushing, driving me on.
Dont stop me.
I AM beautiful.
I AM funny.
I AM exciting.
I AM responsible.
I AM carefree.
I AM honest.
I AM Steffany Laurel Bird.

...And this is what gets me through...

Someday i will be loved and love so deeply.
Someday i will have a white picket fence.
Someday i will have little girls in piggy tails laughing with the dog in the yard.
Someday i will smile at sky the and remember what i thought would bring me happiness. Then i will smile bigger cause i am so much happier with what i have.
Someday i will read my personal poetry for strangers. They will snap.
Someday i will sleep under the stars next to my dream boat.
Someday i will make a dress that will look beautiful on me.
Someday i will write a book.
Someday i will read a book, in my home library.
Someday i will get in the car and just go go wherever the road goes.
Someday i will learn to surf. I will crash. I will taste salt water, but i will learn.
Someday i will run a marathon. then i will go sleep.
Someday i will visit new zealand.
Someday i will raise my children.
Someday i will get old and have sunday dinners for those that i love.
Someday i will learn to speak another language.
Someday i will have a bird. and he will live longer than 2 weeks.
Someday i will sing at my wedding and slow dance with my daddy.
Someday i will serve a mission.
Someday i will make cinnamon rolls on christmas.
Someday i will have spiral staircases in my home.
Someday i will kiss like they do in the movies in the rain.
Someday i will get over my fear of fish.
Someday i will take all day hiking but have a picnic on the top of a mountain.
Someday i will chase a rainbow.
Someday i will dance in the road like a loon but not care cause the moment was perfect for dancing.
Someday i will love my life even more than i do now.

Someday i WILL.

Someday is tommorrow.. and the next day... and four years down the road. Someday is when i decide, but its coming, No its here! Because i believe in me.

So stop! Get out of my way, i am on to bigger and better things. im leaving this behind. I buried everything in the back yard- Cause i dont need it. not one bit. I am me. I know what i want and that is all that matters. So stop get out of my way world. Cause my someday has arrived.

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