Sunday, January 29, 2012

"5 years is nothing compared..."

Journal? Some times i open up and read what i have written from past events...
"He doesnt use a plate and he uses the SAME knife in the peanut butter and the jelly!!"
" I have honestly met my saving grace- a literal angel."
" I wouldnt say i love him quite yet because im afraid, but i hope that there is something in store for us because we just fit... he feels like home..."
" I have been praying for this answer for a long time"
" He just radiates."
" When i am with him... the world is a different place. I feel at peace."
" Do i looove him? I dont know... well, yes, actually i do, i love the person that he is. so.. well i guess i do.. i love him... huh... maybe im so in love that i am head over heels and just haven't realized that that is what this feeling is yet"
" Im really happy, in fact, i've never been this happy"
" alma 37:37.... jiwm..."
Journal? some times i open up and read what i have written from past events, sometimes i cry and i laugh and i wish and i feel feelings again... sometimes i realize what is happening and why... and i plan accordingly... but sometimes i wonder... Dec 26... i cant deny what i felt... i remember every detail... and the spot on the ceiling that i was looking at when it happened... so what now?... how do i find that...? and i think i have figured it out... cause nothing, nothing... has felt that way since...
Hold on baby girl walk with your head held high...
"five years is nothing compared..."
and this way...
i feel at peace...
everything will work out...
one way or another.

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