Sunday, January 8, 2012

1/25 of a second

Coldplay sang it.
National Geographic illustrated.
And the world modeled.

"We live in a beautiful world."

Someday i will travel to the nooks of nations and the corners of the seas.
I will take pictures that inspire.
Ill get down in my hands and knees and see the world through my lense.
Ill grow a deeper appreciation for the miricle that is Earth.
Ill examine the animals and the cultures.
I will meet war struck people and peer into there story telling eyes.
Connect with fellow humans, and wonder why i have been so blessed.
Ill share my knowledge of happiness.
Ill listen to the laughter of children around the world.
I will hear the crash of the waves and smell the salt of the sea.
Just me and my camera, on an adventure to capture one of my favorite things...
The beauty of the world.
Im going places in my life.
Someday I will travel to the nooks of the nations and the corners of the sea.

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