Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Lost and Found

Although one may often wish,
To forget their past mistakes...
To leave behind their hardships,
No matter what's at stake -
To ignore the lessons,
That they've learned over all the years...
And disregard their heartaches,
Their pains, their trials, and tears -
I've come to know that i cannot,
Regret the life that i have led...
I cannot be apologetic,
For the things i've done or said -
I cannot live a life of anger,
For the sufferings that i have faced....
Or think that tears that i have shed,
Should ever be replaced -
The moments of which i faltered,
Or made an unwise choice...
The times that i should've stood up,
But somehow lost my voice -
Along with the times i did stand strong,
And lived up to my potential...
Have all joined together to form a road,
That each soul finds essential.
For each step that i take along,
The road that has come to be...
I find myself a few steps closer,
To finding the girl who's me -
And as i travel on the road,
I glance behind my shoulder to realize what i see...
Not a life of hated memories but,
A road that's led me to be free -
For a knowledge rests within my mind,
And a power in my heart...
I find the courage somewhere within,
To create a fresh new start.
For now i know what makes me smile.
And all that brings me down.
I know where i can turn when there is no one around.
He has blessed my life more than words can say
With all the trials that have come my way.
So although one may wish,
To forget the road from where they have come...
Its been the path that's brought them to,
Where they can see the Son.

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  1. steff thank you for this WONDERFUL poem. it was exactly what i needed.