Monday, January 16, 2012

Just what i needed

I dont need another person to make me happy.
Im happy just being single ol' me.
I am closer to my family, closer to my savior.
I have priorities straight.
Wait, i can make good use of time? yes, yes i can.
Grades are better.
Friends are closer.
I have more money, and more time.
I sleep at night time.
Everything seems more simple.
I cry less.
I smile a lot.
I feel great.
Im enjoying my life this year.
Got big plans, my plans, not anyone elses, not even influenced by them, mine.
This feels so wonderful, it just feels right.
I've been single and ive been taken and
You see im not even joking,
I dont need another person to make me happy.
I am truly happy being single steffany :)
And that is pretty cool i think.
Pretty sure this is where i needed to get before i run of to college. what a blessing.
Im Steffany. Im single. And im smiling.

1 comment:

  1. how adorable. I like your blog music too :D um pretty sure at this age, being single is better. Because honestly, are you really gonna marry that boy from your math class? Probably not.