Sunday, June 20, 2010

And i owe it to you

There is a man in our home videos that picks me up high above his head as i squeak and squeal at the top of my lungs laughing and panting at how much fun i am having with him.

There is a man that smiles on my bedroom wall in my room, he wears a big yellow rain coat and his face so funny, but loving i am there.

There is a man that lives in my thoughts incouraging me to always to my best steff. " you can do it, i am here "

There is a man that takes me to play tennis with him and laughs as i miss but says good job when i hit it right.

There is a man at my grandma's house helping that little old lady with so much sincerety in his voice, just wanting to help her knowing her fragile body cant do it any longer.

There is a man that has always been in my life, someone who has been my knight in shining armor many times, in more ways than i can even tell.

There is a man in my memory teaching me how to ride my pink barbie bike, being so encouraging as i scream down the road, he catches me and makes me feel safe.

There is a man in my house who welcomes everyone with a smile and wants to be chiverous and kind, that whole heartedly man.

There is a man who knows what is important and what isnt, and protects me from the danger and sickness in this world.

There is a man that deserves more than what i can write, cause he has helped me and so many others in more ways than i can even write.

There is a man that loves a woman, and they are in this together showing me through example what i want when i grow old.

There is a man whom i love so much, and he has never not loved me from the moment he held me so small and new in his arms.

There is a man in this world that named me steffany with two f's because that was easier to remember.

There is a man that teaches me what i should know and helps me grow, mind, body and spirit, and helps me know determination hard work and effection.

There is a man who i feel very lucky to know.
And i love you very much daddy.

Thank you for all the wonderful memories you have provided.
I owe you one.
My hero.

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