Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Turn the page... No, Change the Book...

I am an author to my own story,
The characters i choose to write in, i dont even fully know,
But as i write my story, i learn them better,
Some are evolving, some are at a dead stop but one thing i do know about my characters,
They all effect me.
I write some good chapters and some bad,
I write some happy and a few more sad,
But i write them and feel them in my bones..
With each page i fill, a new memory told.

Unfortunately, sometimes an author slips up and creates a terrible story,
One that no one want to know...
Including the writer.

Unfortunately I am a writer who a has written a bad book,
So i must redeem.
The book i have written is a sad sad tale one of hurt and love and lies, cheating and anger and
hoping and longing, a book that sits on a shelf and no one wants to pick up or even dust off...
So i must be the author to fix my own story,
It is far to late to change the pages written,
Because i wrote with my red inked pen,
Inpossible to remove.

With all that has been written i cannot hope to change that story,
But i can write a new one.
I will not just simply add a new chapter to the last and call it good.
I must start over, completely over.
Close the covers of my smeared red ink hand and salty tear ridden pages.
And make a new book with the chapter i know i need to write.

I am an author writing my own book,
My own new book,
With good characters i know and trust,
With everything i need and want to create a beautiful story,
I wont be ashamed or afraid to share.
I am the Author to my own story,
With my first line already figured out...
Life is an adventure. You start it knowing nothing, then over time you learn where to go.

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