Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Perfect Piece to my Puzzle

I feel like a cloud in a perfect blue sky,
Like socks on slightly chilled toes
Like a big warm hat over red little ears

I feel like a magestic flower blooming
Like a seed flying around in the breeze
Like a long rusty key in an anquie door

I feel like a little fishy swimming in the ocean
Like earbuds to a shiny new ipod
Like long white curtains to a window

I feel like a genuine smile on a face
Like a hearty laugh in my ears
Like the glowing sun kissing my skin

I feel like a pink flowery dress on a little girl
Like mud pies on a little boy
Like soft skin on a new born baby.

I feel like i never have before.
Like this world is peaceful,
Like my dark dangerous storm has passed,
And i am at home again.

I feel... right ..
This feels right.

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