Sunday, November 7, 2010

The leaves are my Story

Right now the earth is changing, the trees are telling a story. Its a story i know; It is my story. As the colors change on the bright green leaves to harvest orange, fire red, and sunshine yellow, my world is turned into a bright fall leaf. The change of season is responsible for the pigment, yet, the leaves welcome the change. Realization hits them with a colorful coat. A color they will wear proudly. With their new color they make a careful decent to the earth. The bright brave leaf lets go of what it knows, what shaped it, what made it grow, a brave leaf decides to be free. The leaf takes the plunge and gets swept away in the wind...

It was the change of season that made me free, that turned my color into a beautiful sunny yellow.

It was this change of season that made me free. With out my fall colors, i would still be hanging
on to that dying tree.

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